School Programmes For Healthy School Meals

Healthy School Meals - The Issue

Healthy School Meals

For most children, school lunch provides an important and healthy contribution to their diet. However, many lack nutritional value.

A poor diet, low in nutrients or high in sugar and fats, affects children’s health and their school experience. Too few vitamins and iron can affect energy levels, concentration and, as a result, academic performance.

Our Approach To Healthy School Meals

Every child should have access to healthy and nutritious meals. This is why we have created school programmes worldwide and have provided training to teachers and canteen staff. Through fresh and delicious nutritionally-balanced meals, we inspire school children to eat more healthily and ultimately help them to reach their full potential. Find out more about our Seductive Nutrition service here.


Healthy Meals for Children - What We've Achieved

We currently reach more than three million children in eight countries. Examples of our programmes are Eatz4U in the UK and School Bus Programme in Thailand.

Healthy School Meals - A Success Story

School programmes for a healthy school lunch

The Thai School Bus programme - launched by Unilever Food Solutions in 2009, in partnership with the School of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration - provides nutrition training to teachers and canteen staff. By teaching school chefs to make fresh, delicious, balanced and cost-effective meals, they can inspire schoolchildren to eat healthier, lay a foundation for their future well-being and help them reach their full potential in their studies. The recipes and menu-cycles developed for school chefs always consider the budget constraints of schools and ensure the liking of the students.

This programme has been so successful it is now endorsed by Thai school authorities, Bureau of Nutrition, Ministry of Public Health. To date, children in over 400 schools have enjoyed appetising, healthy, economical meals — bringing them to better health, better education and setting them up for life.

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