Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction
Food Waste

Food Waste - The Issue

Chefs and guests are increasingly aware of the amount of food being wasted in restaurants. Perfectly good food is being thrown away which costs money and costs the planet.

Our Approach To Waste Reduction

In some countries, we work with chefs and cooks to help them run their kitchen more efficiently, reduce waste and, importantly, save money.

Reducing waste touches every stage of the foodservice cycle: from purchasing and storage, to food preparation to even encouraging guests to take home their leftovers.

Our Wise Up on Waste Service contains a step-by-step waste audit, menu ideas that use frequently wasted ingredients and simple techniques that make kitchens more efficient and less wasteful.

We also reduce the waste associated with the disposal of our own products. We will continue to reduce, reuse, recycle and eliminate as much packaging as possible.


Waste Reduction - What We've Achieved

Waste reduction coalition United Against Waste

We’re running waste programmes in 23 countries. United Against Waste industry coalitions have been launched in six countries with two more coalitions will launch this year.

Learn about our research into waste reduction

Waste Reduction - A Success Story

Every year UK food service operators generate 600,000 tons of food waste. Two-thirds of which could be avoided through better management, portion sizes and preparation.

We’re leading the United Against Waste coalition in UK with customers like Sodexo, 3663 and Whitbread.

With our Wise up on Waste Service we help chefs and cooks to reduce waste by up to 20%, corresponding to a potential saving of nearly 368 tons of food waste per year.

Reducing waste, packaging plays a key role in protecting our products. It makes sure they retain their quality ready for use. But packaging can also end up as waste in a landfill, or as litter. Our aim is to halve the waste associated with the disposal of our products by 2020. We have numerous programs running to reduce, reuse and recycle our packaging.

KNORR Tomato Pronto Napoletana

We are making real progress on products like Knorr Tomato Pronto in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and Calve sachets in Turkey, where we reduced packaging weight by 64% and 16%, respectively.

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