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The World Menu Report

Unilever Food Solutions helps chefs and caterers keep up with diners’ changing tastes through timely research and studies to identify what diners want. In our World Menu Reports, you’ll find analyses of global trends that will help you make informed decisions.

Seductive Nutrition

In this report, we study the dining habits of diners and their growing desire to eat healthy. However, they still struggle between intention and choice – eating what they want instead of what they should. Learn about the factors behind their decisions and how we can serve up dishes that are both appealing and nutritious.

Download Seductive Nutrition (4.6MB)

What's in Your Food?

Diners nowadays have a greater need to know what is in their food. From how the ingredients were sourced, how they are prepared, the nutritional value or the safety of the food, they are demanding more transparency. Learn the reasons behind diners’ craving of such information and the part chefs can play in educating the dining public.

Download What’s in Your Food? (1.16MB)

Sustainable Kitchens: Reducing Food Waste

How much wastage is there in your kitchen? This World Menu Report highlights diners’ concerns about professional food waste. Learn why we need to reduce food waste and implement environmentally friendly food waste disposal methods. By working together as an industry, we can find effective, collaborative answers.

Download Sustainable Kitchens: Reducing Food Waste (3.99MB)

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