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Who we are

Unilever Food Solutions is one of the world’s top foodservice companies. We provide professional ingredients and services to meet the many different needs of our customers — from hawker centres to 5-star hotels, and from school canteens to large food chains — in 74 countries. We help chefs all over the world serve tasty, wholesome meals that keep guests coming back for more. We’re part of more than 100 million out-of-home meals every day and we’re present in over 1.5 million professional kitchens around the world.

We know food service

We’ve been in the food business since the 1880’s, delivering some of the world’s favourite brands including the world’s number 1 brands in savoury, dressings and tea categories — Knorr, Hellmann’s and Lipton. We create ingredients that save precious prep time in the kitchen, without compromising on flavour or flair. And we’re constantly providing ideas and inspiration, not just to keep menus fresh and exciting but to help customers get that critical balance right between impressing guests and making a profit.

Our Chefmanship capability operates in over 40 Chefmanship Academies and satellite kitchens throughout the world. And we offer training to over 100,000 food professionals across the world each year.

For chefs by chefs

We’ve worked with chefs for over 80 years and now employ over 500 chefs around the world, including 28 in Southeast Asia. So we understand what our customers need to be successful and we know how to help them keep guests happy. Together with our highly skilled nutritionists, we help our customers find the right balance of great tasting and nutritious food served up to the same consistently high standards.

Growing for the future

We always care about putting healthy and nutritious food on the table, but we also care about our impact on the earth. Using ingredients and packaging that are sustainably sourced, generate less waste and consume less energy is all part of our environmentally responsible way of doing business.

Food matters to us

That’s why you can trust us to help you satisfy your most discerning guests.

Executive Bios: What Inspires our People

Ira Noviarti

Ira Noviarti
Vice President, Unilever Food Solutions, Southeast Asia

The two things I value most in life are helping people grow and creating a successful change. I believe that life is full of great possibilities and love unlocking the potential of both people and businesses. read more

Ng Seow Ling

Ng Seow Ling
Managing Director, Unilever Food Solutions, Singapore

My first 6 years with Unilever Food Solutions were spent in China where I developed my passion and enthusiasm for Chinese cuisine. I am constantly inspired by the diverse cooking methods and unique ingredients used, which differ from province to province. read more

Chef Yen Koh

Chef Yen Koh
MCO Culinary Adviser, Unilever Food Solutions,
Southeast Asia

At Unilever Food Solutions, I develop innovative ideas combining food technology, food science and culinary expertise. read more

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