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Module 1: Maximising Efficiency and Profit

Maximising sales is about creating the right product and service that attracts diners to your restaurant. It is also about forging partnerships that can lead to extra revenue. Marketing is one of the most important means of maximising your sales. Consider these 6 restaurant marketing strategies to attract diners.

1. Gain an online presence

Make use of online platforms to provide information through your own website or leverage on the social networking sites around.

  • Create direct and personal interactions with existing and potential customers.
  • Run promotions such as flash discount deals to drive sales.
  • Provide updates on menus, promotions, specials or changes to the restaurant’s information.
  • Be transparent, prompt and sincere when handling customer feedback on social networking sites.

2. Start an email database

This is a form of targeted marketing using an electronic Direct Mailer (eDM) to reach your regular guests.

  • Include a snapshot of a fun piece of content from your website or Facebook page to catch the attention of readers.
  • Share schedules of events or promotions in your eDM.
  • Limit your updates to a monthly eDM to avoid overwhelming your diners.

3. Create a loyalty programme

Loyalty programmes and return-incentivising strategies create a bond between a restaurant and its regular guests.

  • Loyalty cards can give rewards or discounts for repeat visits.
  • eDMs keep diners updated on promotions at your restaurant.
  • Exclusive promotions or vouchers for regulars on special occasions such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries.
  • Return vouchers provided with the receipt act as an incentive for guests to come back.

4. Suggestive selling

It’s a good idea to not just promote the popular dishes, but also the other dishes with much higher profit margins that are being overlooked by guests.

  • Use designs to highlight the items on the menu, such as a star, a different colour font or even an enticing picture of the dish.
  • Create ad hoc marketing collaterals for the dish, such as flyers or inserts in table standees.
  • Train your staff to promote the high profit items through subtle recommendations.

5. Expand your services

Come up with innovative ideas to give your diners more ways to enjoy your food.

  • Provide takeaway or delivery services to let guests enjoy your food in more accessible ways that fit their schedule
  • Offer catering/venue rental services for guests to hold weddings, birthdays or even company dinners (depending on the ability of your dining room and kitchen facilities to offer such services).

6. Form profitable partnerships

Consider partnering with banks or other businesses to get better perks for both you and your diners.

  • Look for banks or credit card companies to tie up with and offer benefits to their members.
  • Form partnerships with other businesses through simple cross promotions.
  • Allow a local business to utilise your customer database for a fee, but be careful not to offend your clients and be respectful of their privacy.
  • Create a special menu to benefit your partnership promotion.
  • Offer corporate discounts for employees of businesses in your area.

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