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With so many food choices available, consumers are always looking for new tastes, food trends, and flavours that will excite their palates. Hotels constantly need to reinvent their menus in order to keep loyal patrons interested and attract new guests. Dips usually take a back seat when it comes to meals, but these extra components are so versatile, they can actually be essential tools for modernising a dish in brilliant and creative ways.

Here are six reasons why dips can be a way to innovate your hotel menu

  • Dips are affordable and easy to create
    One easy way for hotels to upgrade their food without spending so much or overhauling their cuisine is by making dips. With just a few ingredients, you can make a whole line of flavour profiles that will rejuvenate the taste of your dishes.

  • Dips add a variety of flavour
    Health-conscious diners still want a delicious meal even when they’re eating greens and salads. Dressings and dips are a great way to add more flavour without the guilt. Learning how to maximise an ingredient to its full potential will help you produce a range of tastes for guests who want more selections to choose from. 

  • Dips create visual impact
    You eat with your eyes before your mouth, so plating and presentation play a big role in convincing guests to try your food. Dips like guacamole, beet hummus and nacho cheese have vibrant and enticing colours that make a dish visually appealing. 

  • Dips give texture to a dish
    If you want to add more layers and texture to an entrée without piling on too many ingredients, pair it with a dip. Salsa dips are big on crunch, while remoulades are creamy with light chunks. Also, a thick ranch dip can add a smooth touch to crispy food.

  • With dips, you can experiment with different, exotic ingredients
    Be it cheddar jalapeño, honey mustard, barbecue or garlic lime, you can play with a lot of favourite flavours to make your own special dips, or you can intrigue your guests by infusing them with exotic ingredients. Fried chicken with yuzu dip, bread with muhammara, french fries with bombay ketchup – pair your exotic dip with a well-loved dish so your customers won’t get intimidated.

  • Dips give customers a choice to customise their meals
    Some just want a hint of sourness or a touch of heat in their food. Others are hankering for a garlic mayo combination. By giving them dipping choices, you encourage diners to become adventurous with flavours and show that you value their personal taste. They get to refine their dish to suit their tastes, which ultimately leads to their satisfaction.

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