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Filipino stew dishes are always high in demand. They’re savoury, filling and great for sharing! Are these stews in your menu yet? If not, here are some of the bestselling ones you should consider. Remember to offer extra servings of rice so your diners can finish off all the sauce!

7 Best Selling Stews for Your Menu

  • Beef mechado
    Tender beef brisket pieces are slow cooked with carrot and potato chunks in a rich tomato sauce seasoned with soy sauce, beef stock and spices, making it extra filling and addictively delicious.
  • Kare-kare
    This classic stew never fails to evoke memories of fiestas and happy family gatherings – that’s why diners always crave for it. Oxtail and other pig innards are cooked in a thick peanut-based sauce filled with slices of eggplant, beans and many other vegetables.
  • Humba
    To prepare this stew, the pork knuckles (pata) are simmered in a garlicky, peppery, sweet-sour-salty sauce until they are so tender they fall off the bone easily. This Pinoy handaan staple is particularly popular in the Visayas, and is a close cousin of the adobo.
  • Binagoongan
    Just as Pinoys love sweet food, they also can't get enough of bagoong. Binagoongan combines the well-loved mix of pork, garlic, onions, tomatoes and the optional coconut cream, to produce an extremely flavourful stew that is sure to please almost any Pinoy on the street.
  • Dinuguan
    Pork meat stewed in pig’s blood might not sound appetising, but when cooked properly, it is one of the best-tasting dishes that diners keep coming back for.
  • Pinakbet
    Pinakbet or pakbet is essentially a vegetable dish made with eggplant, string beans, ampalaya, squash and okra. Sometimes, pork or shrimp are thrown in to give it a more savoury flavour, then topped with a light bagoong-based sauce. For a meatier taste, you may use beef broth to flavour your dish instead.
  • Lengua estofada
    Eating an animal's tongue might be too adventurous for some, but one bite of a perfectly tenderised lengua in a sweet-savoury tomato sauce will change your view on this. The secret to a perfect lengua estofada is to boil the ox tongue until it is tender enough to peel its outer skin off. Using a pressure cooker works well to get this outcome too.

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