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Behind the love of meat

The Vegetarian Butcher was created thanks to Jaap Korteweg , an eighth generation farmer who worked with plant protein producers, scientists and innovative chefs for many years to create plant-based products that taste like pork, beef and chicken.

This Dutch brand was created in The Hague in 2010 and has since gained a reputation as a future butcher , allowing chefs to offer the well-known and beloved taste of meat to those who do not eat meat.

This is also the reason why The Vegetarian Butcher products are created by innovative chefs who, like their customers, really love the taste of meat. They work hard to ensure that the resulting vegetable meat boasts the same texture and flavor as animal meat, and develops special recipes to make it easier to include The Vegetarian Butcher on any menu.

Behind the love for the taste of meat

Today, restaurant customers are increasingly choosing meat-free dishes. This choice is being made not only because of the environment, but also because people are increasingly aware of animal rights and the negative health effects of eating meat.

However, this does not mean that they do not like the taste of meat, on the contrary, many of them adore meat and would like to enjoy it again. It was with these people in mind that we created our excellent plant-based meat . Its appearance, smell and taste are reminiscent of real meat, thanks to our trust in traditional crafts.

In addition, vegetable meat from The Vegetarian Butcher has a similar nutritional value to meat from animals. This is possible because the recipes are based on soy, which contains all eight essential amino acids our bodies need.

Thanks to The Vegetarian Butcher, anyone who does not eat meat, whether for health, environmental or ethical reasons, can enjoy it again.

The future is in our hands

We believe that the future lies in plant products, and we will work hard until everyone has the opportunity to enjoy meat that does not come with the slaughter of animals. We want to improve the lives of animals, reduce the negative impact of the food industry on the environment and provide excellent taste for restaurant guests.