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The Vegetarian Butcher


Just one meat-free day a week can make a huge difference to nature, the environment, biodiversity and the climate. But does that mean we have to replace the  meat with beetroot steaks and falafels?

No, if you ask the meat enthusiast below. His name is Jaap  Korteweg and he is from Holland. And he is the world's first vegetarian butcher.

Jaap comes from a family with roots in traditional cattle farming through 9 generations. Still, he made an atypical decision. He chose to swap a life of meat for a life of vegetables. The problem was just that he missed the taste and consistency of meat. In fact, so much so that he made it his life's mission to find a real alternative. And after 3 years of intensive research, Jaap and his team managed to develop a product with a very special taste, texture and bite, which is so good that it makes even meat enthusiasts  love vegetarian food.

The green recipes from The Vegetarian Butcher are not for you who do not like the taste of meat. They are for you who love meat.

Bon appetite!

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