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Mexican Style Rice

NOChicken Burger Preparation


Burger + Burrito in one? Sounds heavenly… plus it uses plant-based patties from The Vegetarian Butcher which make it extra interesting. Give this juicy & deliciously spiced plant-based Burger Burrito a go and leave your diners’ taste buds wanting more!  



  1. Mexican Style Rice

    10 minutes
    • Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Set aside.  
  2. NOChicken Burger Preparation

    10 minutes
    1. Heat the oil and saute the NoChicken burger strips, red onions and bell peppers.
    2. Season with the cumin and chili powder.
    3. Set aside.  
  3. Assembly

    10 minutes
    1.  Lay the flour tortillas flaat on a work surface.
    2. Add the rice, NoChicken burger filling, refried beans, iceberg lettuce. Portion the fillings accordingly.
    3. Drizzle in the dressing and fold the tortilla to wrap all the inclusions and turning it into a burrito.
    4. Serve with lime wedges, fresh cilantro and extra caesar dressing.