"I use Knorr Chicken Powder because it adds a meaty dimension to even the simplest ingredients, it’s an advantage that every chef should have."
Chef Joanne Limoanco - Executive Chef Unilever Food Solutions

Made with top-grade real chicken meat

Made with top-grade real chicken meat

Knorr Chicken Powder is preferred by most hotel chefs in the Philippines. You can use it in your marinades or as a seasoning in your stir-fried dishes.

The Secret to Asian Cusine

Knorr Chicken Powder provides meaty taste that’s perfect for creating Asian dishes. 8 out of 10 hotel chefs prefer it.

Your frequently asked questions

Q: Is Knorr Chicken Powder only available in South East Asia?

A: Knorr Chicken Powder traces its origins to China and it is available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and even in European countries like the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Q: How meaty is Knorr Chicken Powder versus its competitors?

A: Knorr Chicken Powder has almost 3 times meat content versus competition. So you are assured of the meatiest taste in your dishes.


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