Knorr Mashed Potato - Great Ingredients, Great Taste

Made with 99% real potatoes from Germany, Knorr Mashed Potato gives you the same confidence that you get from making mashed potato from scratch.

Why Choose Knorr Mashed Potato?

Made with 99% Real German Potatoes!

- Made with high-quality and sustainably grown potatoes from Germany
- Prepared just like scratch, and dehydrated to lock the freshness in

Save Time and Money!

It only takes 5 minutes to prepare and saves you P10 per serving*!
*Serving size of 110 g. Based on standard recipe of scratch with milk and Knorr Mashed Potato with milk.

Endless versatility in the kitchen!

Knorr Mashed Potato is the perfect blank canvas to let your creativity shine through, because it's made by chefs for chefs. From sides, to mains, to desserts - the possibilities are limitless! Let our team of chefs provide you with inspiration today.

Click here for more recipes.

Experience the difference today. See how easy it is to make Knorr Mashed Potato!


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