"Best Foods Thousand Island Dressing is a high quality, ready-to-use salad dressing that’s very close to the original scratch recipe. It saves me time while helping me create tasty salads and dips."

The best partner for your salads!

The best partner for your salads!

Lady’s Choice Thousand Island dressing combines the best ingredients of real tomato paste and chunky gherkin relish. Tangy and flavourful, it’s ideal as a salad dressing or a dipping sauce.

Sole Fillet in Thousand Island Sabayon

Sole fillet with grilled Thousand Islands sabayon

Impress your diners with this pairing of sole fish and Thousand Island dressing that creates a wonderful balance of flavour and texture.

Your frequently asked questions

Q: Which is more expensive, scratch made or Lady’s Choice Thousand Island?

A: Lady’s Choice Thousand Island costs less than scratch and saves you time and money. Rich and creamy, it can deliver more consistent quality and taste versus scratch.

Q: I already have ingredients at my disposal - real mayo, tomatoes, etc. so why would I bother buying Lady’s Choice Thousand Island dressing?

A: Lady’s Choice Thousand Island has a longer shelf life and that’s very important when you’re preparing in bulk for future use.


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