Health & Wellness

What is driving the trend? 

Consumers are more aware of the correlation between health issues and an unhealthy diet. Highlighting this issue more is the huge media coverage of the obesity crisis, as well as coverage of size zero models. The media has also been responsible for the hype surrounding apparent ‘danger’ foods that can be linked to cancer, and so-called ‘miracle foods’ that can help you live longer. The global desire for youthfulness and physical perfection drives health amd wellness up the social agenda.

More and more consumers have special dietary needs and avoid certain food groups which have lead to health and wellness being a very personal choice.

How this is emerging in the market?

It is clear that the demand for healthy food (or what is perceived as such) will be an important issue for operators like you over the next 5 years.

The industry is warned by the disastrous consequences of fast food on every street corner in the USA. Together with the lack of physical activity it has led to an obesity epidemic with all social and financial followings.

The food industry is starting to respond based on the fundamental conviction to make ‘the healthy choice' and 'the easy choice’.

This can be seen through initiatives across the globe:- In the USA the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released information on the new Affordable Care Act, federal requirements for nutrition labelling on menus.

The EU Proposal for Food Information Regulation is still in discussion in the European council and will be implemented across all European countries.

This means operators have to react. Not only to be sure not to be blamed for health issues, but also because this consumer trend offers a lot of profitable business opportunities.

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Case Study

Healthy and fast: Leon, UK

Leon is a growing chain of restaurants in the UK which is changing the perception of fast food.

Offering healthy, delicious fast food at reasonable prices, Leon’s vision is that food should taste good, do you good and be enjoyable for everyone. Seasonal produce, super foods, wheat free, gluten free and meat free dishes are all on the menu.

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