7 Kapampangan dishes to add to your menu

7 Kapampangan dishes to add to your menu

The central Luzon province is well known for being a treasure trove of gastronomic delights. Each delicacy is prepared with passion and flair, and every dish is bursting with flavour as well as culinary tradition. It’s no surprise then that many Filipinos have travelled to Pampanga just for a day or two of indulgence. Here are a few classic dishes that should be on your Kapampangan menu.

1. Sisig


1. Sisig

Arguably the poster dish of Kapampangan cuisine, sisig is a crowd favorite whether it’s accompanied by steaming cups of rice or a bucket of ice-cold beer. Chopped pig face and pig ears are boiled, grilled, and then finally fried with chicken liver and pig brain – heaven on a sizzling plate!

1. Sisig
2. Kalderetang Kambing

Kalderetang Kambing

2. Kalderetang Kambing

This rich goat stew is prepared with tomato sauce and liver spread, and is considered superior to beef or pork kaldereta. Preparing the goat meat is key to a delectable stew; boiling it beforehand or marinating it in vinegar, black pepper, and salt removes its odour and gaminess.

3. Buro


Also known as balao-balao, buro – which means “pickled” or “preserved”– is a sour and salty side dish made with fermented rice and shrimp or catfish. Its strong flavour and aroma take some getting used to, but it’s delicious when paired with steamed vegetables such as okra and eggplants, as well as fried or grilled fish.

4. Pindang Damulag

Pindang Damulag

Pampanga is known for tocino or cured meat, but an even more authentic Kapampangan entrée is pindang damulag or pindang kalabaw, which is sourer than the average tocino. After curing with salt and sugar, carabao meat is cooked in a little water until it’s tender, then served with rice, sliced tomatoes and sukang sasa (nipa palm vinegar).

5. Bringhe


5. Bringhe

A local version of the Spanish paella, bringhe or Arroz Valenciana is served on special occasions such as town fiestas. Glutinous rice is cooked in coconut milk and turmeric powder, then topped with fried chicken and slices of bell pepper and boiled eggs.

6. Betute Tugak

Betute Tugak

Pampanga’s rice fields are teeming with frogs, so it’s no surprise that these creatures have become part of Kapampangan culture. One of the province’s more exotic dishes is betute tugak, a whole farm frog stuffed with ground pork or beef and then deep-fried. Betute, the local term for pufferfish, refers to the frogs’ bulging forms after cooking.

7. Camaru


Another exotic delicacy is camaru or mole crickets, which are either deep-fried to a perfect crisp or cooked adobo-style in vinegar and garlic. A plateful of crunchy insects may be everyday fare to the Kapampangans, but it’s definitely not for tourists with delicate stomachs!

Make these dishes irresistible for tourists with the extensive array of dressings and seasonings that Lady’s Choice and Knorr have to offer for professional kitchens. By using these in your dishes, you’ll serve only the best-tasting Kapampangan fare that tourists and locals will definitely enjoy.

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