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Culture: History of Tea 

Learn all about Tea, a great history lesson on how Tea originated in China from the leaves of Camelia Sinensis and has spread around the world, growing into the great beverage it is today.



Culture: History of Unilever Tea

Learn all about the History from the Worlds Largest Tea Supplier. Discover the journeys that Sir Thomas Lipton and Arthur Brooke took to provide us all with the worlds second most popular drink.

Culture: An Introduction to Tea

From Crop to Cup - learn from our Tea Expertise Director all about the Tea Leaf, from the plucking of the Tea leaves and a bud through to the processing to provide the best black, green and infusion to your cup.

1. About the tea leaf


2. Focus on black tea


3. Focus on green tea


4. Beverage consumption and cultures


Ingredients : Types of Tea

Listen and learn about different tea types from our Tea Expertise Team, Kurush and Chris. They will share different tea types with you and help you to learn about the different tea types; processing, colour and flavor. Great knowledge for your story telling to guests!

1. Learn about white tea


3. Learn about oolong tea


2. Learn about green tea


4. Learn about earl grey