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Planning for the bustling holiday season starts NOW! Maximize the profit-boosting potential of the most wonderful time of the year by updating your menu with seasonal offerings. Think: Special Bibingka with Salted Egg Butter Glaze, Crispy Holiday Pancit, Embutido Meatballs with Cheese Gravy, and other Filipino Christmas recipes that will leave your patrons with eyes all aglow. Grab your copy of this free e-book and let the festivities commence! 


How This Christmas Recipe E-book Can Help Your Business

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Boost your holiday earnings with classic Christmas dishes presented with fun twists.


Excite your diners with a holiday menu they’ll never forget! Turn to this free Christmas recipe book for heartwarming familiar flavors with trendy twists and delightful surprises. Inside, you’ll find:

●       Chef-tested Filipino Christmas recipes with step-by-step guides

●       Complete ingredient lists with metric measurements for seamless scaling

●       Expert advice on elevating classic holiday dishes with Knorr Liquid Seasoning, Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix, Knorr Chicken Powder, Knorr Oyster Flavoured Sauce, Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, and other Unilever Food Solutions products

●       Professional images for food preparation and styling guidance

●       Detailed dish descriptions to showcase the innovative twists added to traditional Christmas Filipino food

●       Precise food preparation and cooking times, along with recommended serving sizes

●       Food pairing suggestions to round out your Filipino Christmas menu

●       Creative food assembly and presentation tips to ensure your dishes stand out during this season


Get This Filipino Christmas Menu From the E-book

A banner promoting the free e-book with Filipino Christmas food.

This free e-book offers nine recipes for Filipino Christmas food you can add to your menu during the “ber” months.


Here’s a sneak peek at the traditional Christmas Filipino food with unique twists featured in this free recipe book:

●       Whole roasted chicken stuffed with a butter paste flavored with tarragon, thyme, rosemary, and parsley; served with mushroom gravy

●       A traditional Filipino Christmas food recipe for pork meat loaf stuffed with hotdogs, boiled eggs, cheddar cheese sticks, raisins, and carrots

●       Tagliatelle pasta with an indulgent sauce of fresh cream, bacon bits, chili flakes, and salted egg

●       Classic marinated chicken galantine filled with ground pork, ham, carrots, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, egg, and chorizo Bilbao

●       Citrusy, savory, and juicy grilled chicken inasal skewers

●       Whole chicken marinated in Knorr Liquid Seasoning, Knorr Oyster Flavoured Sauce, and Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok, served with homemade liver sauce


Make this season extra special for you and your patrons with the help of this Filipino Christmas recipe book – a special gift from Knorr Professional and Unilever Food Solutions. All the culinary inspiration you need to navigate the “ber” months is in this handy guide! Download your free copy today and start testing the dishes that can augment your holiday sales while still catering to your customers’ demands. Cheers to merry celebrations filled with festive delights!