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Fried chicken is the #1 dish Filipinos love to eat. It’s no surprise that we see so many restaurants, fast food chains, and small businesses offering fried chicken in the Philippines. You too can be part of the fried chicken business by starting your own business or expanding your food business with our fried chicken recipe for food businesses. Our recipe has been developed and tested by chefs to help you make that meaty and juicy fried chicken that will keep customers coming back for more. It also features a complete step-by-step guide that you can easily follow culinary techniques to make the perfect juicy and golden fried chicken. Lastly, this fried chicken recipe includes food costing to help you invest the right capital for your ingredients and calculate the prices for your menu.

Download our fried chicken recipe for food businesses that has been tested by our expert chefs and enjoy the benefits below:

  1. Learn the secret of technique from our expert chefs

  2. Comes with a step-by-step fried chicken recipe and complete food costing for each step

Download our Fried Chicken Recipe for Your Food Business!

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