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1. Facebook & Instagram tips for perfecting your profile:

  • PROFILE: Use the same logotype as for your restaurant. 
  • WEBSITE: Add a link to your restaurant website.  
  • MENU: Upload your Menu. 
  • BUTTONS: Add shortcut buttons for diner action, such as "BOOK NOW" or "VIEW MENU". 
  • CONTENT: Only upload high-quality content
  • CONSISTENCY: Be consistent in your style such as your content style and tone of voice. 
chef plating burger

2. Facebook & Instagram tips for increasing engagement:

  • HASHTAGS: Hashtags drive digital reach. Add up to 11 #'s per post. 
  • LIKES: Like other content. Usually a Like = Like. 
  • MENTIONS: Mention other Chefs and other Restaurants to increase exposure. 
  • COMMENTS: Comment on relevant industry accounts photos.
  • COMPETITIONS: Run competitions on a bi-weekly/monthly basis.
  • LIVE VIDEOS: Incorporate Live videos into your Social Media strategy. 
  • MODERATE & REPLY: Moderate all comments in order to hide destructive ones and learn from constructives comments. 
  • GEO TAG: Tag locations, especially your own restaurant in all content posted on your profile. 
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3. Facebook & Instagram tips for tracking analytics:

  • SCHEDULING: Higher Engagement rates can be expected on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Tuesdays. 
  • DEMOGRAPHICS: Cater to both males and females as the split is pretty much 50/50. 
  • DEMOGRAPHICS: Appealing to a younger generation will help you post trending content. 
  • ORGANIC INSIGHTS: Use your Organic insights, from Instagram Insights or Facebook Insights, to inform your paid strategy. 
google analytics dashboard

4. Facebook & Instagram tips for advertising: 

  • AD PLACEMENT: Use the Ad Placement option in Facebook Business Manager aligning the placement with your objectives. 
  • A/B TEST: Run split tests on Facebook to A/B test your content. 
  • NARROW TARGETING: Target specific audiences such as job titles, foodies, and more. 
  • OPTIMIZE: Optimize for best performing content. 
  • COMPETITION: Keep an eye on your competitors and what they're doing. 
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