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The Unilever Food Solutions Team offers FREE consultations and support to chefs, food business owners, or other culinary professionals. Get personalized solutions for any challenges that you may face or customized guidance to help you grow your food business. Discover how our team can help you increase your profits in the food industry.

  • Get Tips to Improve Your Profits: Consult our team of experts on how to do food costing for your dishes or recipe costing for dishes you may want to launch with us. By ensuring proper prices and cutting costs, you can achieve higher profits in the long-run.
  • Attract More Customers: Increase the number of diners and orders in your food business. Understand where they're looking for and how to reach them to rapidly grow your revenues.
  • Launch a New, Trendy Bestseller: Stay ahead in the food business by launching dishes diners are looking for. Make a new bestselling dish that will take the food industry by storm.
  • Inquire About Culinary Training: Need help on training your team or want to improve your culinary skills? Get free guidance on relevant topics like food costing, food safety, etc. or topics that you're interested in.
  • Receive Our Products & Services at the Lowest Prices: Get direct supply from the proud makers of Knorr Professional, Lady’s Choice, Carte d’Or, and The Vegetarian Butcher. Enjoy the following benefits when you order directly from us    
    • Direct supplier pricing and terms (up to 20% cheaper vs supermarket SRP
    • Exclusive promos; No minimum spend required & FREE Shipping!


Join the culinary community in growing your food business with the help of the Unilever Food Solutions team. Schedule a consultation today!


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