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Module 4: Food Safety Introduction

HACCP and 5S are food safety models that can guide your operations towards better food safety practices. 

HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

A proactive, science-based systematic approach to food safety that prioritises prevention.
Being HACCP-certified lends prestige to your establishment and gives it a chance to compete globally.

What are the 7 HACCP Principles?

  1. Identification of hazards in a system
  2. Determination of a critical control point
  3. Establishment of critical limits
  4. Development of a monitoring plan
  5. Establishment of corrective action procedures
  6. Establishment of an effective record-keeping system
  7. Determination of procedures for verification of the system

The 5S Excellence Awards

It is designed to systematically achieve organisational cleanliness and standardisation. 

  1. Sort – Having a centralised storage concept where ingredients and materials are drawn, creating a more efficient, streamlined process.
  2. Systemise – Having a designated area for quick retrieval of culinary equipment and tools.
  3. Shine – Each workplace is assigned a person for cleaning, sorting and checking.
  4. Standardise – Uniformity of work values using visual transparency to increase productivity.
  5. Self-discipline – Good habits, practices, values and self-discipline are integral to individuals and teams working in a kitchen. 

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