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The art of plating by chef Jack Coetzee: An introduction


An Introduction

They say we eat with our eyes so learn how to sharpen your plating skills with Chef Coetzee at Urbanologi, Johannesburg. Understand the importance of plating in the culinary arts and create the perfect canvas for your dish. Learn the techniques, tools and trends with tips and examples as well as seasonal recipes.

The art of plating by chef Jack Coetzee: Considerations when plating your dish


Considerations when Plating

Chef Coetzee shares the aesthetic influences of plating from the practicality and speed of replicating a plating to style, identity and seasonal ingredients.

The art of plating by chef Jack Coetzee: Sweet potato starter components


Sweet Potato Components

Using a sweet potato, Chef Coetzee discusses the components that make a good dish. From temperature to texture, learn the aesthetic elements alongside the recipe for Urbanologi’s sweet potato plate.

The art of plating: choosing dinnerware


Choosing Dinnerware

Understand how the shape of your dinnerware informs how you plate with top-tips on using a grid system to avoid dead spaces and ease aesthetic flow.

The art of plating by chef Jack Coetzee: Good vs bad


Good vs. Bad

Using a seasonal salad, Chef Coetzee demonstrates how and how not-to approach your plating with two different results. Re-create your plating in quick time with perfect results following tips on colour, structure and layering.

The art of plating by chef Jack Coetzee starter: Sweet potato & goat's cheese mousse plating


Sweet Potato Plating

Be guided through the plating process of a sweet potato, goats’ milk and rooibos mousse dressed dish, using a circular dish as the canvas.


The art of plating by chef Jack Coetzee: Cauliflower salad


Cauliflower Salad

Working with a rectangular dish and monochromatic tones, Chef Coetzee shows the plate-up of a cauliflower salad. Experiment with visualising your dish before you plate and creating exciting plates.