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Chef Paulo Sia

Senior Sous Chef, UFS Philippines

Chef Paulo earned his culinary degree at the Center for Culinary Arts, Manila. He has experience in both restaurants and hotels, working for C2 Bar and Restaurant before moving on to Linden Suites Hotel. He also set up and managed the Multinational Catering Services as the chef-patron.

  • Chef Paulo’s diverse culinary background comes from having worked with varied food establishments like C2 Bar and Restaurants, Linden Suites, and Multinational Catering Services. 
  • He was also trained at the Majestic Hotel in Singapore for modern Chinese cuisine. In 2003, Chef Paulo entered Unilever Food Solutions as a chef consultant for hotels and restaurants.
  • His experience in various food industries and passion to continuously innovate has led him to become our senior sous chef who deals with culinary requirements and ideation projects with top food chains.

He values visual art and movement and thus believes in constantly reinventing food presentations to keep up with market trends. Chef Paolo lends his multi-disciplinary skills as part of the roster of expert chefs at Unilever Food Solutions, helping our partner operators serve delicious, nutritious, and profitable meals to their diners.

Chef Paulo Sia

The New Sharing by Chef Paulo Sia

Kropek Sinuglaw

Reimagine the usual snack, kropek, combined with sinuglaw as an appealing new dish. With kropek as the base and sinuglaw from VisMin, it’s perfect to pass around with friends and family.

Irresistible Vegetables by Chef Paulo Sia

Lumpiang Pinakbet

Pinakbet, a renowned Filipino vegetable dish, is traditionally cooked with bagoong. I tried to innovatively reimagine it by wrapping and deep frying it, offering a fresh and exciting culinary experience.