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Chef Pipo Aluning

Senior Sous Chef, UFS Philippines

Chef Pipo, as he is fondly called in his kitchens, earned his degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management at DLSU-College of St. Benilde. As one of the youngest sous chefs in Sofitel Philippine Plaza, he helped deliver large banquets including two openings of the renowned Spiral Buffet.

  • As a student, Chef Pipo was introduced to the industry working as a barista for Seattle’s Best Coffee. This experience kick-started his journey as he switched from engineering to the culinary arts.
  • He became an apprentice at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza after graduating and eventually worked his way up to becoming the youngest sous chef in the team responsible for large banquets and the two openings of the renowned Spiral Buffet.
  • He also ventured into teaching, becoming a part-time culinary instructor at DLSU-CSB. Through his experiences and expertise in teaching people and managing kitchens, he is now a senior sous chef in Unilever Food Solutions that works closely with different food chains and marketing campaigns.

His strong culinary training, complemented by a rich and diverse food heritage from both sides of his family, is a valued addition to the combined expertise of the Unilever Food Solutions chef team.

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Chef Pipo Aluning

Flavor Shock by Chef Pipo Aluning

Adobong Pusit Paella with Pickled Mushrooms

It’s a fusion of paella negra and adobo, with a tangy twist to balance the richness. The acidity and unique flavors blend harmoniously, offering a delightful culinary experience.

Local Abundance by Chef Pipo Aluning

Crispy Beef Tadyang and Kansi Gravy Rice Bowl

I was inspired by using batuan as a delightful twist on a traditional Bacolod dish. It's a local souring agent that can be used to cook the meat and transform the typically soupy dish into a crispy delight. The same stock is used as a sauce, adding an interesting layer of flavor.