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With a rich history dating back to the 18th century, sisig’s representation in local culture has evolved as much as its recipe. In the 70s, the pulutan version of sisig was popularised by Crossing and Aling Lucing in Pampanga, a town famous for its food culture. This version was a simple dish of pig face with garlic, onions and liver, sprinkled with sliced chili and cut with calamansi. The dish became so popular that iterations of it popped up all over the nation, with chefs experimenting with meat bases, changing the creamy element, and adding their own twists. And diners love to discuss the various ways to consume sisig: creamy or crunchy? Topped with a raw egg or without it? People believe there’s a sisig for everyone, even vegetarians.

We looked at the most popular iterations of sisig that included traditional ingredients like liver and chili, as well as unorthodox (but equally delicious!) ingredients, including gravy and pineapple juice. The recipes ranged from soft and moist sisig to crispy, seafood to tofu, simple to colorful, and more. 

Here’s a compilation of these ingredients in a simple infographic to inspire you to get creative and think beyond the sizzling plate.

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