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Plating and presentation refers to the arrangement of food on the plate dressed with a sauce or topped with garnishing. These simple touches make dishes visually more appealing for diners.

Different types of restaurants require assorted tableware for various types of plating. Some of the factors that affect the kind of plates and cutlery for a restaurant are:

1. Nature of restaurant

Casual cafes can use the same plates for most dishes while a fine dining French restaurant requires specialised plates for different courses.

2. Size of menu

If different dishes require different plates, the restaurant will require more plates depending on the size of the menu.

3. Size of the restaurant

Larger restaurants can seat more diners so this means more plates are also required.

In this module, learn all about the basics of plating, how to use the right plating to complement your dish, as well as traditional and trending plating styles.

Much like good food, great service is unforgettable. Provide service that really impresses your diners and you can be sure that they will spread the word about your restaurant to their friends.

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