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Module 8: Plating & Presentation

Now that we’ve got the practical considerations out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff: 5 new and exciting plating trends in the F&B scene today.

1. Landscape

Taking inspiration from landscape gardens, this linear arrangement of food is usually kept low and long. See examples of landscape plating below.

2. Free form

Like many modern paintings, free form plating may seem carelessly strewn across a plate, but each stroke and food placement is carefully thought out to create an abstract yet intriguing “painting” on a plate. See below for an example of free form plating.

3. Food on organic materials

Using organic materials such as wood, slate and stone as a plating device lends a more rustic and back-to-nature feel to dishes. See more examples of plating with organic materials below.

4. Futuristic

Making use of sleek materials like metal, glass and steel, futuristic plating creates a cutting edge and futuristic plating like the example below.

5. Alternative receptacles

Using unconventional receptacles for your tableware creates a more interesting presentation for your dishes. Some examples include using a coffee siphon to hold broth, test tubes for soup or even something as simple as an airtight jar for food. See more examples below.

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