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Stand a chance to win PhP100,000 and have your restaurant featured in Zomato’s Partner Collection, Pepper Listicle, and Spot.ph when you become a Certified Sisig Master! All you have to do to is create an innovative sisig dish and climb up the ranks from 1-star to 3-star Sisig Master Certification.

Registration is open until 15 July 2018, so watch the video, get inspired and sign up now.


Start earning your 3 Sisig Master Certification stars

Follow the steps below to earn your 1-Star, 2-Star and 3-Star Sisig Master Certification.

1-Star Sisig Master Certification

1-Star Sisig Master Certification

  1. Create an innovative sisig dish using Knorr Liquid Seasoning.
  2. Take a picture of your plated dish along with a photo of you, as well as your restaurant logo.
  3. Register and submit your dish and details.

2-Star Sisig Master Certification

2-Star Sisig Master Certification

  1. All 1-Star Sisig Masters are entitled to join.
  2. Go to our pocket events and let our LTB Chefs taste your sisig innovation.*


  • Cagayan De Oro - June 7 (done)
  • Bohol – June 13 (done)
  • Alabang – June 21 (done)
  • Subic – July 16
  • Manila – July 26
  • Ilo Ilo – August 13
  • Cebu – August 9
  • Davao – August 23

3-Star Sisig Master Certification

3-Star Sisig Master Certification

  1. All 2-Star Sisig Masters are entitled to join.
  2. Have a total of 100 photos posted by customers on Instagram and Facebook, using the hashtags of your restaurant name (e.g. #ABCrestaurant) and #CertifiedSisigMaster.*
  3. Serve 200 orders of your sisig dish in your restaurant within 1 month.* 

Create your unique sisig in 4 steps!

Knorr Liquid Seasoning 3.8L

#1 Liquid Seasoning in the Philippines. Best for Grilled Pork Belly. Can be used for marinades, boosters and as a table top seasoning.

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*For the full list of certification details, take a look at our Terms and Conditions.
Per DOH-FDA-CFRR Permit No. 0812 s. 2018

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