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Module 11: High Volume Production Cooking

A central kitchen is a very different operation from normal restaurant kitchens. It requires a large investment in specialised equipment such as planetary cookers, blast freezers and vacuum packing machines.

However, many F&B businesses such as restaurant chains/groups, large-scale banquet and catering operators, as well as F&B retail businesses require a central kitchen. Here’s what it offers:

Economies of scale

This is a cost advantage that a large F&B operation enjoys due to their larger size. It refers to the reductions in unit cost as the size of a facility and usage levels of systems and equipment increase.

Better consistency

F&B operations can deliver a uniform standard and achieve consistent quality of food sold and served at different outlets.

Greater efficiency

A central kitchen enjoys greater efficiency through:

  • Human resources

Leaner, more efficient use of manpower through automation and specialisation of tasks as the central kitchen takes care of preparation work while outlet staff focus on serving.

  • Purchasing

Centralising purchasing will increase the purchasing power of the operation due to the high volume of food and supplies used, and also results in fewer deliveries needed.

When building a new central kitchen or renovating an existing building, there are several factors to consider for maximising efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Human resource ideas
  • Layout and design of the facility
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Purchasing
  • Warehousing
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Waste management
  • Computer systems
  • Miscellaneous operational issues

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