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Many trends come and go, but some are truly timeless. Here are 3 food marketing trends that aren’t just here to stay, but are truly effective as well.

1. Go Green

Research has shown that diners respond more positively to restaurants that champion locally grown produce and sustainable products. As we move towards a future where food sources are becoming more questionable, support for such sources is critical for the repute of chefs and restaurants. Also, the more transparent you can be with your customer, the better.

2. Like-minded Collaborations

Work with nearby companies to offer them exclusive price deals. Arrange for tie-ups with delivery services and online reservation websites such as Go-Jek, FoodPanda, GrabFood, WeDaPao, UberEATS, Deliveroo, OpenTable and Chope.

3. Design Collateral

Gone are the days of obscure looking, run-of-the-mill takeout boxes. These days, takeout boxes and carrier bags are just another way to gain eyeballs for your business. Be innovative with the design, but always make sure that your branding and logo are distinct even when seen from afar.