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Long strands

Pair with light sauces, cream, and oil based sauces

For example, simply fold a pesto sauce into your linguine strands, and voila, you’ve got a classic Italian dish. Add in some sautéed shrimps and garnish with basil leaves for a finishing touch.

Long ribbons

Great with rich, meaty sauces

No one can deny the winning combination of tagliatelle with a steaming ragu mix. Thick and meaty, it blends harmoniously with the pasta’s wide, ribbon-like structure.


Perfect with heavy cream or meat sauces

As an example, conchiglie works great with soups and the larger shells can be stuffed with meat, vegetables or cheese for a fun twist.


Pair with lighter, smoother creams

A great staple in pasta salads, the corkscrew shaped fusilli tastes great when tossed with tomatoes, onions, olives and capers.


Add these to hearty vegetables sauces, ragu or baked cheese dishes

The versatile, cylinder-shaped penne gets along great with many sauces, especially an arrabiata or marinara sauce. It’s also a popular choice for baked dishes.

Stuffed pasta

Excellent with light butter or oil sauce

Guaranteed to fill you up and delight your tastebuds, a cheese-stuffed ravioli goes perfectly with a brown butter pairing.

Try all these delicious pairings for yourself today and put a smile on every diner’s face!