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1. Boiled Egg

There are some tricks to getting the perfect boiled egg. Chef Vusi shows you how in this video.


2. Quail Eggs

Quails eggs can be tricky to peel but don't worry, we can help. In this video, chef Alex Hall shares his simple tips for how to make the shells easier to remove.


3. Fried Eggs

In this video, you'll find out Chef Alex Hall's secrets to making the perfect fried eggs (restaurant style), from what to fry them in to why seasoning is so important.


4. Scrambled Egg

A quick video for a very quick dish. Delicious with toast, tomatoes, mushroom and more.



6. Hollandaise

Hollandaise sauce is a key ingredient in a restaurant Eggs Benedict. In this video Chef Alex Hall talks through how to make a classic Hollandaise and shares a delicious recipe for Hollandaise with asparagus.


7. Frittata

Frittata (also known as tortilla) is a simple dish made of eggs, potato and onion. In this video, discover Chef Alex's best tips for cooking a stovetop frittata in minutes.


8. Quiche

Chef Alex shares his recipe for pea and horseradish quiche, served with a pea shoot and feta salad. Perfect for a light lunch or appetiser.


9. Eggs En Cocotte

Eggs En Cocotte is a classic French recipe in which eggs are baked in individual ramekins inside a bain marie. Find out Chef Alex's simple tips for cooking baked eggs and how to get the perfect texture and consistency every time.


10. Poached Egg

Chef Alex shares his simple method for making the perfect poached eggs, whether you're cooking them individually or in bulk. This video covers everything from how to tell when your eggs are cooked to helpful presentation tips.


11. Shakshuka

In this quick video, Chef Alex shows how to make a speedy Moroccan shakshuka. Perfect for spicing up your restaurant's brunch and breakfast menus.


12. 63º egg

63 degree eggs are eggs that are cooked slowly in a water bath. In this video, Chef Alex explains why cooking them at 63 degrees is the key to getting the creamy texture just right. Plus, he shares a simple and delicious recipe for 63 degree egg sous vide with buttery mushrooms and brioche croutons.


13. Cured Egg Yolk

Grating cured eggs over the top of dishes is an excellent way of adding extra flavour. Chef Alex demonstrates a simple salt cured egg yolk recipe and the different cured egg yolk uses you can try.