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Knorr ambassador and former Gordon Ramsay’s protégé, Michelin starred chef Mark Sargeant also runs several successful restaurants. We spoke to the multi-hyphenated chef and he shares 2 important lessons all chefs can learn from:

1. On earning Michelin stars

1. On earning Michelin stars

Michelin stars can be rocket fuel for a restaurant’s success. But when it comes to your strategy, navigating by the stars isn’t always the best course. Here’s what Mark has to say:

  • Don’t cook for Michelin stars
    Winning a Michelin star for your restaurant is a great achievement – but it shouldn’t be your aim. Cook for your customers. Cook for yourself. Don’t cook for Michelin.
  • Always focus on the basics
    Focus on your revenue. Focus on your gross profit. Aim for a busy restaurant and happy customers. These fundamentals should always be the key goals for anyone working in this industry.

2. Moving from chef to restaurateur

2. Moving from chef to restaurateur

Making the transition from chef to restaurateur isn’t always easy. It requires different skills and a different focus. If you’re looking to make the jump, here’s some advice from Mark Sargeant:

  • Learn to let go
    When you’re in the kitchen all the time, it’s easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty. You’ve got to learn to leave the day-to-day running to your team and start thinking about the bigger picture.
  • Trust your team
    In order for you to let go, you’ve got to trust your team. That means making sure you’ve got the right people in the right places and ensuring you’re giving them what they need to do their different roles well – and adjust along the way if you have to.

Indeed, working with your team’s strength as well as your own is crucial to success. Whether you’re running a kitchen with a crew or managing on your own, these lessons are valuable tips and reminders for every one of us in the business.

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