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Prepare the Kare-Kare Sauce

Serve the Crispy Pancit with Seafood Kare-Kare Sauce

  • Tagalog Pechay, blanched 120.0 g
  • Eggplant, blanched 80.0 g
  • String Beans, blanched 80.0 g
  • Shrimps, sauteed 90.0 g
  • Squid, sauteed 60.0 g
  • Fish Fillet, cut into 1 inch cubes, sauteed 60.0 g
  • Crispy Vermicelli 300.0 g

Add an innovative twist to your best-selling kare-kare by adding the pleasurable crunch of fried noodles! This will complement the nutty creaminess of the dish alongside served withfresh vegetables and seafood.



  1. Prepare the Kare-Kare Sauce

    55 minutes
    • Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the tomatoes, onions, garlic, and lemongrass until wilted.
    • Add the shrimp powder and fish sauce to the pan.
    • Pour water into the pan and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Remove the lemongrass from the pan.
    • Process the sauce in a blender until smooth.
    • Return the blended sauce to the pan, stir in the peanut butter, and sugar. Whisk until the sauce thickens.
  2. Serve the Crispy Pancit with Seafood Kare-Kare Sauce

    20 minutes
    • Plate the dish by adding seafood and vegetables on top of the crispy vermicelli.
    • Pour the thickened sauce over the crispy vermicelli, seafood, and vegetables.
    • Serve while it's hot.