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Lamb Preparation

  • Fresh Ginger Juice 125 ml
  • Lamb Shoulder Steaks, bone-in 1 kg
  • Pineapple Juice 60 ml
  • Black Pepper, crushed 5 g

Vinegar Dip Preparation

  • Red Onions 30 g
  • Green Chilies 10 g
  • Coriander Leaves 5 g
  • Garlic Cloves 10 g
  • Sugar 2 g
  • Black Pepper, crushed 2 g

Garlic Rice Preparation

  • Day-old cooked rice (preferably long-grain or jasmine) 5 cup
  • Canola Oil 60 ml
  • Garlic cloves, minced 30 g


  • Canola Oil 30 ml
  • Eggs (fried, scrambled, poached, or as desired) 5 pc
  • Garlic Chips 15 g
  • White vinegar 250 ml
  1. Lamb Preparation

    • In a bowl, combine the ginger juice, lamb, Knorr Rostip Chicken Seasoning Powder, Knorr Liquid Seasoning, pineapple juice, and pepper
    • Taste and adjust its seasoning
  2. Vinegar Dip Preparation

    • In a bowl, combine red onions, chilies, coriander leaves, garlic, Knorr Rostip Chicken Seasoning Powder, sugar, and pepper
    • Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved
    • Taste and adjust seasoning
  3. Garlic Rice Preparation

    • In a wide bowl, combine the cooked rice with the Knorr Rostip Chicken Seasoning Powder using clean hands
    • Ensure that the rice is evenly-seasoned
    • Should rice appear too dry from being chilled, spray some water on it
    • Heat the oil in a non-stick wok
    • Over medium heat, cook the garlic until fragrant
    • Add the seasoned rice and toss until heated through
  4. Presentation

    • Serve the lamb with garlic rice, eggs, and vinegar dip
    • Garnish with garlic chips