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NoChicken Chunks

The most popular product of "The Vegetarian Butcher". Even the toughest gourmets cannot distinguish this product from real meat. They even say it tastes more like chicken than real chicken!

Fry in a pan and use in any chicken dish, such as summer salad, Thai curry or stir-fry .


Get to know the minced meat "giniling", which does not break down even after hours of stewing. It is as versatile as its meat equivalent and will go well with Bologna sauce, lasagna, English traditional shepherd's pie and Asian-style stir-fry dishes.

NOChicken Burger

The Vegetarian Butcher NOChicken Burger offers a chicken burger taste and chicken texture that's like the real thing. By replacing cattle with a machine that's much more efficient in use of land, water and fossil fuel, we came up with a great way to help reduce carbon footprint