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Duck Preparation

  • Black Pepper, crushed 3.0 g
  • Duck Breast (2 pcs) 600.0 g
  • Rock Salt 5.0 g

Sauce Preparation

  • Shallots 60.0 g
  • Ginger 20.0 g
  • Garlic Cloves, crushed 20.0 g
  • Canned Peaches, diced 150.0 g
  • Madeira wine 125.0 ml
  • Sage leaves (or fresh thyme) 5.0 g
  • Unsalted Butter 45.0 g

Peach Brulee Preparation

  • Fresh Peaches, cored, sliced into .5" wedges 150.0 g
  • White Sugar 20.0 g
  • Rock Salt (a pinch) 2.0 g
  1. Duck Preparation

    • Score the skin side of the duck breast lightly
    • Season with salt and pepper
    • Heat a non-stick saute pan
    • Render the duck skin side down until the skin is crisp and golden brown
    • Cook the other side of the duck for 1 minute
    • Rest the cooked duck on a room-temperature sizzling plate
  2. Sauce Preparation

    • Lessen the fat in the pan, leaving about 2 tablespoons
    • Add the shallots, ginger, and garlic cloves
    • Add the canned peaches and caramelize
    • Deglaze the pan with Madeira wine
    • Add the diluted Knorr Chicken Broth
    • Add the Knorr Demi Glace Sauce and let the whole mixture simmer
    • Add the sage leaves
    • Taste and adjust seasoning
    • Turn the heat off and strain the sauce onto another saute pan
    • Mount with cold pats of unsalted butter
    • Set aside
  3. Peach Brulee Preparation

    • In a separate hot saute pan, melt the butter
    • Add the fresh peaches
    • Sprinkle with sugar and a pinch of salt
    • Torch the sugar on top of the peaches
  4. Presentation

    • Slice the duck breast
    • Drizzle the sauce on the sliced duck
    • Serve with the peach brulee on the side