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Prepare the Fried Tofu and Mushrooms

Assemble the Sizzling Tofu Sisig

  • White Onions, thin slices 100.0 g
  • Red Onions , thin slices 100.0 g
  • Green Chilies, seeded, sliced 50.0 g
  • Red Chili, thin slices 10.0 g
  • Red Bell Pepper , thin slices 50.0 g
  • Green bell pepper, thin slices 50.0 g
  • Black Pepper 10.0 g
  • White vinegar 75.0 ml
  • Calamansi Juice 50.0 ml
  • Spring Onions, chopped 25.0 g
  • Oyster Mushroom Chicharon, crushed 40.0 g
  • Calamansi 5.0 pc
  1. Prepare the Fried Tofu and Mushrooms

    15 minutes
    1. Bread the tofu and oyster mushroom with flour, cornstarch and Knorr Rostip Chicken Seasoning Powder 1kg.
    2. Once they're well coated, deep fry until they turn light brown.
  2. Assemble the Sizzling Tofu Sisig

    45 minutes
    1. In a large mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients then mix in the deep fried tofu and mushroom.
    2. Plate the dish on a sizzling plate.
    3. Garnish with spring onion, mushroom chicharon, and calamansi.