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Most Filipinos have a sweet tooth. For special occasions, something sweet must always be on the table — be it desserts or dishes. Have you ever wondered why, when dining out Pinoys always order sweet and savoury ulam like sweet and sour pork, lechon paksiw, pata tim, escabeche, pork barbecue, longganisa, and tocino?

Here are 3 reasons why Filipinos enjoy something sweet in their main course

  1. The taste of sweetness is the ultimate comfort food for Filipinos
    A lot of people crave ice cream and chocolate when they are having a particularly bad day. But when Filipino diners want to feel better, they tend to look for something sweet in their main course, such as in the lechon sauce, candied glaze pork, spaghetti or hotdog. The comforting flavours gratify the stomach, making one instantly feel better.
  2. Sweet and savoury is the perfect combination
    Adding sweetness to a savoury dish balances out the one-dimensional salty flavour and gives it more depth. Diners have shown to feel more satisfied when they chow down sweet and savoury entrées, but adding sweetness to a dish isn’t as simple as tossing sugar into it. To create that luscious, sweet-salty sensation, you’ll need a blend of several ingredients. If you’re pressed for time, simply add Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce to get that ideal mix.
  3. Manamis-namis ulam goes well with rice
    For Filipinos, it’s not a proper meal without rice. Bread, corn and mashed potatoes are appetising, but not as filling as rice. On its own it tastes bland, but it’s perfect when eating with sweet and savoury ulam because it balances out the strong flavours of the dish.

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