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Chicken Preparation

Salad Preparation


  • Avocado, sliced 120 g
  • Bacon Bits 40 g
  • Smoked Cheddar Cheese 80 g
  • Corn kernels 80 g
  • Cherry Tomatoes 100 g
  • Barbecue Soil 20 g
  1. Chicken Preparation

    • In a big bowl, combine olive oil, Knorr Aromat Seasoning Powder, fresh herbs, pepper, lemon juice
    • Marinate the chicken fillet pieces in this marinade for at least 30 minutes
    • Heat a grill pan
    • Cook the marinated chicken until well done
    • Set aside, unsliced
  2. Salad Preparation

    • Toss the salad greens in Lady's Choice Ranch Dressing
    • Arrange onto a chilled serving plate
  3. Presentation

    • Slice the grilled chicken and carefully-arrange the slices onto the salad
    • Arrange the avocado, bacon bits, cheese, corn kernels, tomatoes on top of the salad as well
    • Sprinkle with barbecue soil
    • Serve immediately