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Dressing Preparation

  • Soya or Canola oil 15.0 ml
  • Margarine 50.0 g
  • Water as needed

Squid Preparation

  • Squid, cut into 1" square segments; with cross hatch score on one side 300.0 g
  • Cornstarch 30.0 g
  • Oil for deep frying (Soya, Canola, or Vegetable) 650.0 ml


  • Red Onions, brunoised 80.0 g
  • Red or Green Finger Chilies, sliced thinly diagonally 2.0 pc
  1. Dressing Preparation

    • Heat a sauce pan over medium heat
    • Add the Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder
    • Dilute with water for desired consistency
    • Taste and adjust seasoning
    • Add the Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise and the Knorr Liquid Seasoning
    • Set aside
    • Add the oil, then the margarine
  2. Squid Preparation

    • Season the squid with Knorr Rostip Chicken Seasoning Powder
    • Dredge the seasoned squid in cornstarch
    • Heat the oil to 350F
    • Flash-fry the squid in the hot oil and strain
    • Place on paper towels
  3. Presentation

    • Heat a sizzling plate up over low fire
    • In a stainless-steel bowl, toss the fried squid with the dressing, diced onions, and sliced chilies
    • Pour this mixture onto the hot sizzling plate and serve immediately