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Module 12: Banqueting

Different types of banquets also require different types of menus. Take a look at 4 banquet menu types, their flow and types of dishes.

1. Western set menu

Set menus are a great way to keep costs low and offer your diners convenience and ease of ordering. For a Western set menu, the flow and types of dishes are:

  • Bread and butter
  • Salad (e.g. Cesar salad)
  • Soup (e.g. French onion soup)
  • Main course (poultry, seafood, beef, or pork and vegetables)
  • Dessert (e.g. cheesecake)
  • Drinks

2. Western buffet menu

The main difference between a Western buffet menu and a Western set menu lies in the number of choices for each course. Here’s an example of the flow and types of dishes in a Western buffet menu:

  • Appetiser (e.g. canapes)
  • Salad (e.g. Cesar salad)
  • Soup (e.g. pumpkin soup)
  • Vegetables
  • Starch (e.g. baked potatoes)
  • Fish or seafood (e.g. grilled sea bass)
  • Chicken (e.g. roast chicken)
  • Pork or beef (e.g. beef medallions)
  • Dessert (chocolate based, cheese based or spoon based)

3. Modern Asian buffet

The flow of courses in modern Asian buffets is no different from Western buffets; the main difference lies in the type of dishes offered. While some Asian buffets focus on one cuisine, it’s not uncommon for Asian buffets to include cuisines from different Asian cultures.

4. Traditional Asian banquet

Chinese weddings are a good example of a traditional Asian banquet. They follow a specific flow of courses or dishes that diners have been accustomed to for years. Here’s an example of the flow, types of dishes and the meaning behind each one:

  • Cold platter or “dragon-phoenix” plate for balance in the relationship
  • Shark’s fin for wealth
  • Chicken for a good life
  • Prawns for happiness
  • Fish to represent abundance and prosperity
  • Vegetables to avoid conflict
  • Noodles for longevity
  • Dessert for a sweet life

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