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Adobo is one of the country’s much-loved dishes, and for good reason! Its flavours Here’s how you can give its irresistible flavours a unique twist, and make your adobo stand out from a crowd.

Learn how to put a different and fun take on the traditional Adobo!



  • 2500g Pork Kasim, largely diced
  • 250ml Knorr Liquid Seasoning
  • 250ml Vinegar
  • 8g Black Peppercorns, crushed
  • Oil, for searing
  • 80g Garlic Cloves, bruised
  • Water
  • 3 pcs Bay Leaves
  • 5g Black Peppercorns
  • 20g Brown Sugar, to taste
  • 2 cups Jasmine Rice, cooked (day old)
  • 5g Knorr Rostip Seasoning
  • 15ml Canola Oil
  • 15g Unsalted Butter
  • 2g Garlic Cloves
  • 50g Adobo, flaked
  • 30ml Adobo Sauce
  • 5ml Knorr Liquid Seasoning
  • 1 pc Fried Egg
  • 50g Adobo Flakes, fried
  • 30g Tomato & Onion Salsa
  • 20g Crispy Kangkong Leaves (4-5 pcs)
  • 10g Spring Onions



  • Marinate the pork with half of the amount of Knorr Liquid Seasoning and half of the vinegar.
  • Heat oil in a sauce pan. Brown the pork on all sides. Set the pork aside until ready to use. Remove the pan and drain out the oil.
  • Add the garlic cloves. Add the pork.  Deglaze with the remaining marinade.
  • Add enough water to cover the pork.
  • Add the bay leaves and the black peppercorn. Braise the pork until it is tender and cooked through.
  • When the pork is done, taste and adjust seasoning. Add the brown sugar to balance the taste. Separate the cooked pork from the sauce. 
  • Using a fork, flake the pork. Portion the flaked pork into 50g packs and the sauce to 30ml. Store the portion packs in the chiller or freezer.



  • In a mixing bowl, season the rice with Knorr Rostip Seasoning Powder.
  • Toss the rice the powder with your hands making sure that everything is already well seasoned.
  • Heat oil in a wok over medium heat.
  • Add the butter, then the garlic.
  • Add the rice. Toss the rice in the pan, making sure it is heated through. Set the rice aside.
  • Using the same wok, add the adobo flakes along with the sauce in the pack. Let it heat through.
  • Then add the rice to the wok. Toss to mix the ingredients evenly. Season with Knorr Liquid Seasoning. Taste and adjust seasoning. Keep warm in a bowl, set aside until ready to plate.



  • To plate, place in the rice in the centre of a plate and top with the fried egg.
  • Arrange the crispy adobo flakes, tomato salsa and the crispy kangkong around the rice.
  • Sprinkle the dish with spring onions on top.  Serve immediately.


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