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If you’ve been dreaming of conquering the F&B industry and launching a profitable business, you’ve come to the right place. Draw inspiration from these negosyo ideas so you can finally turn your vision into reality. Be on your way to success by exploring these trending food and beverage concepts that are sure to draw in the crowds.  


1. 99-Peso Breakfast Buffet

Bring the joy of a hearty breakfast buffet closer to everyone with an affordable eat-all-you-can spread, starting as low as 99 pesos. Yes, it’s possible! Offer low-cost almusal favorites like danggit and longganisa, include satisfying carbs like sinangag and pandesal, and complete the experience with eggs, boiled veggies, and sliced fruits. You can even offer champorado or arroz caldo made with Knorr Chicken Broth Base as weekend specials. 


2. Indian Food

Flat lay of chicken biryani on a wooden table.

Chicken biryani is a delicious and affordable alternative to the classic lechon manok.


Indian cuisine is all the rage on social media these days. Taking the spotlight is biryani, a hearty dish of cooked meat, fresh vegetables, and fluffy basmati rice infused with a handful of aromatics. The trending variation features roasted chicken, reminiscent of classic lechon manok but elevated with Indian spices. Pro tip: If you want to give your version a Filipino twist, prepare your rice and chicken with Knorr Chicken Cubes. Round out the flavors with a creamy garlic-based dip and a spicy chili sauce. 

Spice up your menu further with other traditional Indian dishes that cater to the local palate. Think rich stews, curries, and chaat (street snacks) like pani puri and samosas. You can also increase sales with a selection of flavored lassi, like mango, pineapple, and coconut.


3. Plant-based Coolers

As a response to consumers continuing to opt for healthier choices, consider the negosyo idea of offering refreshing plant-based coolers. Explore options like oat milk-based drinks, soy beverages, iced tsokolate, horchata, and cold-pressed juices. Load them up with different toppings and sinkers like granola, shredded coconut, and Carte D’Or gulaman. These guilt-free alternatives cater to a market looking to bid farewell to sugary drinks like milk tea, milkshakes, and sodas. 


4. Upgraded Tapsilogan

Elevate a Pinoy favorite by introducing fun twists to your tapsilogan’s operations, menu, or overall concept. The goal here is to stand out. Take inspiration from old-school American diners and have your servers wear roller skates. Or, introduce global flavors to your tapa – go for something Indian, Taiwanese, or Korean. You can even upgrade your concept to mimic a full-scale Korean BBQ, where diners can cook their own tapa, and the rice, eggs, atchara, and other sides are unli.


5. Baon Subscriptions

Woman eating salad from a box in front of a laptop.

Partner with offices and schools to offer daily lunch subscriptions that are healthy and affordable.


This negosyo idea banks on the reality that busy people need to eat, too. So, consider offering office and school lunch subscriptions delivered straight to your customers’ locations. This meal delivery service caters to both parents and children needing proper nutrition throughout the week.

For optimal cost efficiency, offer the same ulam for your young and old customers but customize the meals to specific preferences. For example, serve pulled pork adobo tacos for adults and crispy adobo flakes rice bowl for kidsflakes tossed in a pasta salad for adults and stuffed in rice balls for kids. Make sure to deliver the packed lunches every morning in microwavable containers for easy reheating during lunch hour.


6. “Healthy-fied” Frozen Meats

Tocino with rice, scrambled egg, and tomato slices.

Jump-start your home-based food negosyo with “healthyfied” Filipino breakfast staples.


Here’s another negosyo food idea that makes healthy eating more accessible. Frozen processed foods have a reputation for being filled with unhealthy additives and artificial flavorings. As an alternative, offer frozen food to sell like tapa cured with organic ingredients, tocino colored with beets, and longganisa made of tofu. You can “healthy-fy” these ulam favorites without altering their familiar taste.


7. Japanese-style Solo Dining

Interiors of Ichiran with solo cubicles.

Promote solo dining by designing your space with individual cubicles.


Solo dining, once seen as a social no-no, has become a norm in today’s fast-paced world of working lunches and back-to-back meetings. Why not capitalize on this concept and transform it into the negosyo you’ve always wanted?

Take inspiration from Japanese establishments like Ichiran, where customers can enjoy a meal alone without judgement. Configure your space with solo cubicles facing the bar or kitchen for seamless transactions. And don’t limit yourself to just ramen; get creative with good-for-one meals, like fried rice, katsu curry, and takoyaki.  


8. Customizable Hot Pot

Transform the traditional hot pot experience by letting customers create their personalized bowls. Set up display shelves with ingredient options for guests to choose according to their tastes. Charge by the weight of each bowl but offer rice and sauces for free. Make sure you also provide options for the soup base. DIY negosyo ideas are always welcome in the food biz sphere, and a concept like this is a sure hit among Filipinos who love customizing their meals.


9. Viennoiseries

Three crombolonis on a wooden board.

Thinking of opening a viennoiserie? Consider adding crombolonis to your menu.


Viennoiserie, French for “from Vienna,” is a category of flaky and buttery pastries, crafted in the style of the Austrian city. This includes familiar treats like brioche, croissant, and pain au chocolat. It also encompasses innovative creations beyond the classics that have gained popularity on social media. Think bibingka croissant and salted egg kouign amann

Skip the panaderia and put up a local viennoiserie instead! Flex your creativity and experiment with exciting flavors like mango and cashew cream or savory combinations like bacon and kesong puti. Take this chance to introduce the TikTok-trending cromboloni, a happy marriage of a croissant and a bomboloni. The possibilities are endless with this negosyo idea!


10. The Most Affordable Coffee

Many Filipinos can’t function without freshly brewed coffee. But not everyone can spend hundreds of pesos for their daily caffeine fix. Bridge this demand gap with a maliit na negosyo offering good-quality yet budget-friendly coffee – and not the 3-in-1 kind.

Yes, you can offer americanos and iced caramel macchiatos for as low as 39 pesos. Get more creative, and you can serve chilled matchas and ube lattes at the same price point. The key lies in sourcing wholesale suppliers of inexpensive but flavorful coffee beans, using unbranded yet quality ingredients, and finding a strategic location with high foot traffic. Your next mission is clear: Make coffee culture more accessible to everyone!

With all the food trends coming and going, there’s no shortage of negosyo ideas to get you started! Choose one that excites you to stay motivated to run your business passionately. Remember, in this industry, success hinges on satisfying your customers’ appetites, so prioritize keeping them happy and wanting more.