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Few pantry staples and everyday ingredients can match the flavor-enhancing and umami-boosting prowess of chicken powder. Factor in its versatility, and it becomes a real kitchen MVP. In this guide, discover how the benefits of this multipurpose product extend beyond its conventional role as a seasoning. Plus, explore recipe hacks that unlock its full potential, allowing you to elevate your culinary game and win over more satisfied customers.


The Basic Use of Chicken Powder

Chicken powder in a bowl with a spoon.

Chicken powder can enhance the natural umami of any dish, making it meatier and more flavorful.


Before diving into the myriad ways to elevate dishes for your business, get to know this versatile ingredient first. Like salt and pepper, chicken powder is a seasoning that enhances the taste of different dishes.

Specifically, Knorr Chicken Powder stands out as it is made with real chicken meat, carefully sourced to ensure safety and quality. Because of this, it can elevate the natural flavor and aroma of any dish with the taste of real chicken. It does so excellently that this powder has become the preferred seasoning for chefs seeking a convenient way to infuse their recipes with a burst of flavor.

The next time you’re developing a roast, stir-fry, or a simple omelet, consider including a spoonful of Knorr Chicken Powder for a layer of savory goodness. Or explore the seasoning’s capabilities through the following profit-ready recipes:

●       Embutido Meatballs with Cheese Gravy

●       Grilled Boneless Bangus with Green Tomato Salad

●       Chopsuey Guisado

●       Galbi Jjim (Braised Short Ribs)

●       Chef Pau’s Next-Level Fried Chicken


How to Use Chicken Seasoning Powder in Unconventional Ways

Once you’ve mastered how chicken powder can enhance the flavor of your dishes, explore the other creative ways you can incorporate this ingredient into your recipes. Here are some food hacks and recipe ideas highlighting the versatility of this potent powder.


1. Boost your breading and batter.

Fried pork cutlet with rice on a plate and soup on the side.

Add chicken powder into your breading mixes for a boost of umami. 

Incorporating chicken powder into the dredging and batter mixtures takes your crispy fried dishes to new heights. This ensures that your coating is as flavorful as your protein – no more boring breading! Whether you’re preparing chicken tenders, fish fillets, or breaded pork chops, this delicious trick will have your customers asking for your secret.

Try this recipe: Squid Balls in Honey Miso Glaze


2. Enhance your brine.

Fried chicken pieces in a wire basket.

The secret to extra juicy fried chicken? Brining your meat in a mixture with Knorr Chicken Powder. 


Brining is a time-honored technique that imparts moisture and flavor to meats. Bring your brine to the next level by incorporating chicken seasoning powder into the mix. It’s the secret to cooking tender, juicy, and ultra-crispy fried chicken that many chefs employ. You can also consider this technique for preparing a succulent roast beef or pork loin.

Try these recipes: Juicy Fried Chicken, Crispy Fried Chicken Fillet with Waffles, Korean Fried Chicken Wings, and Honey Butter Garlic Fried Chicken.


3. Boost the umami in sauces.

Sauces can elevate a dish from good to extraordinary. Enhance the umami factor of your sauces by including chicken seasoning powder in the recipe. Whether you’re making a creamy alfredo sauce or a rich gravy, a dash of chicken powder will contribute depth and complexity to your creations.

Try these recipes: Crispy Soy Garlic Fried Chicken and Grilled Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce


4. Make flavor-rich marinades and rubs.

Roasted chicken on a white platter with lemon, garlic, and spinach.

Chicken powder is the secret ingredient that can elevate your marinades and rubs.


Sometimes, salt and pepper don’t cut it anymore. The secret weapon for unique marinades? Chicken powder. Combine it with olive oil, herbs, and spices for a flavor-packed infusion. 

The same goes for preparing spice blends and dry rubs. Blend in chicken powder with your preferred dry herbs and spices to create a dynamic mixture you can use to elevate dishes. You can also sprinkle it on roasted vegetables, grilled meats, or even popcorn for a savory twist that’s sure to impress.

Try this recipe: Creamy Salted Egg Chicken


5. Create richer soups and stocks.

Roasted chicken on a white platter with lemon, garlic, and spinach.

Use chicken powder to boost the flavor of soups and stocks in no time.


The foundation of many exceptional dishes is a well-crafted stock. Try this recipe hack if you’re pressed for time to tackle the task: Add chicken broth base your stock pot to intensify the savory notes. This trick eliminates the need for long hours of simmering ingredient odds and ends. It’s a quick and efficient way to enhance the depth of flavor and make your soup stand out.

Try these recipes: Chicken Lomi and Pancit Molo


6. Prepare tasty dips and dressings.

Elevate your fried or grilled meals with flavorful dips and dressings enhanced by chicken seasoning powder. Consider this tip when preparing a classic ranch dressing, a dip for vegetable sticks, or a vinaigrette for a simple green salad. Adding the multipurpose powder lends a savory kick that will have your guests asking for more.


7. Enrich rice and grain-based dishes.

A bowl of adlai lugaw na kalabasa.

Give the same attention to your rice dishes as you do to your main courses.


Don’t forget about your carbs! Infuse your rice and grains with a burst of flavor by adding chicken seasoning to their cooking liquid. This tip guarantees sure-hit paellas, pilafs, risottos, or a simple pot of rice. Expect the seasoning powder to permeate every grain, delivering umami-rich goodness in every bite.

Try these recipes: Adlai Lugaw na Kalabasa and Chicken Arroz Caldo


8. Bake savory breads with a twist.

Surprise customers by incorporating chicken seasoning powder into your bread recipes. Imagine: a rustic artisan sourdough loaf or buttery dinner rolls with a unique depth of flavor! Experiment with small amounts to strike the perfect balance that enhances the savory notes without becoming overpowering.

Try it in this recipe: Potato Bread

These tips and tricks showcase the benefits of chicken powder beyond its traditional seasoning role. From brines to breading, stocks to breads, countless culinary applications can benefit from a mere pinch of this versatile ingredient. Go ahead, experiment with your recipes, and develop creations that maximize this humble ingredient’s potential. You might just discover new ways to incorporate the super powder into more dishes.